May / 18 Gert Post Gaming, Tech

Microsoft announces New Xbox Adaptive Controller for players with disabilities

Microsoft has announced the Xbox Adaptive Controller, an Xbox controller designed for people with disabilities. The device was leaked earlier this week. It has two large programmable buttons and 19 jacks that can be connected to a range of joysticks, buttons, and switches to make it easier for a wider range of people to play […]

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May / 01 Gert Post Diabetes, Health, Science

Molecule may be key to pain relief in diabetic neuropathy

A new study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation has identified a key molecule that contributes to painful diabetic neuropathy, an incurable nerve disease that affects about one-quarter of all patients with diabetes. Inhibiting the molecule, a chemokine receptor called CXCR4, reversed pain and nerve degeneration in laboratory models and may also provide relief […]

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Apr / 25 Gert Post Health, Science

Long-sought structure of telomerase paves way for new drugs for aging and cancer

More than 30 years ago, when University of California, Berkeley researchers discovered telomerase—an enzyme that lengthens chromosome ends and prevents them from fraying enough to kill a cell—speculation ran wild about its role in aging and cancer, setting off a full-court press to produce drugs to activate or block the enzyme. While neither telomerase-based anti-aging […]

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Apr / 25 Gert Post Diabetes, Health, Science

Artificial pancreas is a safe and effective treatment for type 1 diabetes

Use of an artificial pancreas is associated with better control of blood sugar levels for people with type 1 diabetes compared with standard treatment, finds a review of the available evidence published by The BMJ today. The findings show that artificial pancreas treatment provides almost two and a half extra hours of normal blood glucose […]

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Apr / 24 Gert Post Children, Health

Researchers discover how young children seem to run around all day without getting tired

Children not only have fatigue-resistant muscles, but recover very quickly from high-intensity exercise—even faster than well-trained adult endurance athletes. This is the finding of new research published in open-access journal Frontiers in Physiology, which compared the energy output and post-exercise recovery rates of young boys, untrained adults and endurance athletes. The research could help develop […]

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Apr / 21 Gert Post Diabetes, Health, Science

Pediatric obesity, depression connected in the brain, study finds

Early-life obesity and depression may be driven by shared abnormalities in brain regions that process rewards, according to researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine. Their findings, which will be published online April 23 in Hormones and Behavior, are based on brain MRI scans of children and teenagers ages 9-17 who struggled with depressive […]

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Apr / 15 Gert Post Deep Learning, MIT, Science, Tech

Neural Network Learns to Synthetically Age Faces

Deep-learning machines can make faces look older but often lose their identity in the process. Now computer scientists have solved this problem. The way we age is deeply fascinating. Indeed, knowing how our faces will look in 20, 30, or 40 years’ time is a trick that many would find captivating. A number of techniques […]

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Apr / 12 Gert Post Gaming, Tech

Virtual robots that teach themselves kung fu could revolutionize video games

Within the not-so-distant long term, online game characters would possibly follow kung-fu kicks in a virtual dojo sooner than bringing their strikes into the newest online game. AI researchers at UC Berkeley and the College of British Columbia have created digital characters in a position to imitating the best way an individual plays martial arts, […]

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Jul / 19 Gert Post Team, Unified Strike

Unified Strike

We are now known as Unified Strike. We are creating a mobile gamified platform to help chronically ill children. Small superheroes can form parties and go on quests to fight monsters, find treasures and save their imaginary magic world. Children get points for time spent in the hospital, different procedures, visits, social activities and more. […]

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Jan / 30 Gert Post Superheroes

Introducing Triumf

Our super awesome Triumf team after first meeting in Helsinki.

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